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Established our small business in Bangkok in 1980s, SSL Trading has been providing designing and tailoring services to almost everyone.  We have designed and tailored men and women’s clothes, uniforms and all made-to-measure for top business managers down to employees of large corporate and government organizations.  

Our customers come to us because they TRUST in our PROFESSIONAL team members who always handle customers’ needs with CARE.  Our quality and exquisite craftsmanship begins with a meticulous fitting closely supervised by Mr. Suchart Jittikornyutthana, the founder and the manager, himself.  Mr. Suchart is proud to guarantee his customers’ complete satisfaction through his detail inspection before delivering all clothes off to his customers.  

Whether your order is casual clothes for men and women, business attire or uniforms (for government officials, maids, security guards, and official government uniforms as well as workshop uniforms), SSL Trading and our professional team can design, measure, and custom tailor them to perfectly fit you and your employees.  

In the hands of our professional team, SSL Trading has long been trusted by many large corporates and government organizations for continuous uniform designing and tailoring services.

  • Security guard uniform and its accessories: Long and short sleeve shirts, and long trousers are tailored from premium LEVI fabric, Com Twill, and other fabric types.
  • Workshop uniform with short-sleeve top, high-waisted short-sleeve top and long trousers for technician, factory staff, and students:  We use cotton or toray fabric as perceived suitable in each place.
  • Official khaki and safari uniform for security guards, drivers, or other occasions as perceived suitable.  These uniforms use premium LEVI fabric, toray, very wool, or other fabric as perceived suitable.
  • Cleaning uniforms (male and female): short sleeve uniforms and polite long trousers.  These uniforms use toray poplin fabric.
  • Suits and trousers for chief of security officers in hotel, shopping malls:  These uniforms use very wool fabric and Levi fabric as example.
  • Staff uniforms for messengers (male and female):  We use toray poplin fabric.